The Higher School of Security and Economics is a successor of College of Economics and Administration (CEA) in Plovdiv, and its founders are Prof. Toncho Trendafilov, DES and Prof. Georgi Manolov, DPS. CEA was created by the decision of the 39 th National Assembly, promulgated in issue 97 of the State Gazette (4 th November 2003). In 2006, CEA received institutional accreditation from the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation (NEAA). In the same year, the College became the first higher school in Plovdiv, which was awarded the Quality Certificate EN ISO 9001:2000. On 1 st July 2010, College of Economics and Administration – Plovdiv, received a new institutional accreditation from NEAA for a maximum of 6 years. That same year, Moody International awarded a new Quality Certificate – EN ISO 9001: 2008. Thanks to the excellence in learning, achieved in CEA, and the positive assessment of NEAA by the decision of the 43 rd National Assembly of 21 st May 2015, promulgated in No 38 of the State Gazette of 26 th May 2015, College is transformed into a specialized four-year Higher School of Security and Economics (HSSE), which has the right to train students in the educational qualification degrees ”Bachelor“, ”Master“ and ”Doctor“.

Building Facilities

The students of HSSE are trained in a new and ultramodern building facility located on 13, Kuklensko shoes, Blvd. in Plovdiv. The building, whose total built-up area exceeds 8,000 square meters, has modern auditoriums and seminar halls equipped with the latest information and innovation technologies, computer and linguistic labs. The facility consists of 4 separate hulls, including aula, 6 large auditoriums, an ultramodern meeting room, 12 seminar halls and 4 multimedia-and-computer labs, 2 language labs, a library, an admission and career-guidance center, a conference hall, own publishing complex, and etc. There are the only specialized martial arts hall in Bulgaria, forensic lab, hotel and restaurant lab, and etc. The building can simultaneously train 3000 students in all specialties. For this investment, HSSE received the ”Investor No 1“ award in the field of culture and education at the 10 th annual competition ”Businessman of the Year“, which honored leading managers and companies in Plovdiv and the region.


The rating system in Bulgaria in 2018 shows that Higher School of Security and Economics is an indisputable regional leader in the average monthly taxable income of graduates of ”National Security“ and ”Economics“. Successfully graduated students of ”National Security“ have an average monthly taxable income of BGN 1 100, as the amount has been calculated for the previous five years, according to data from the National Social Security Institute and AdminUni. The growth trend is stable and shows an increase of BGN 142 in just one year. HSSE takes first place in Plovdiv among the private universities in the professional field ”Economics“. The higher school ranks first in the region having BGN 1 248 average monthly taxable income of the graduates in this field and it is ahead by a wide margin the second university under this criterion in Plovdiv. HSSE ranks first in Plovdiv among the private educational institutions for ”Administration and Management“. The higher school improves with five places its national ranking compared to the previous edition and already occupies the prestigious 11 position among the universities in Bulgaria for this direction. The taxable income of the graduates is BGN 1 109 and has increased by more than BGN 210 in just one year!

Career center

The Career center, functioning in HSSE, assists the career guidance and development of students, PhD students, specialists and others. It helps and develops the links and cooperation between young people and future employers from relevant organisations. The center maintains close relations with other similar units for career guidance and career development. The Higher School of Security and Economics has signed contracts with more than 100 Bulgarian and foreign companies, where the Career Center offers students work, internships, practices, etc.


HSSE received only excellent accreditation assessments from the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA) at the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria. NEAA gave a total score of 9.01 on the 10-point system for the institutional accreditation of the higher school. HSSE received an excellent assessment for the programme accreditation of the professional field ”National Security“ of 9.07 on the 10-point system accredited for six years according to article 79, paragraph 1 of the Higher Education Act (HEA). The higher school earned an excellent mark for the professional field ”Economics“ of 9.17 on the 10-point system. It is also excellent in the range of 9.02 on the 10-point system for the professional field ”Administration and Management“. In this way, the Higher School of Security and Economics obtained a complete set of excellent assessments and continued its upward trend of development, establishing itself among the top universities in the country offering uncompromising quality of training.

Educational Activity

The students of HSSE are trained in three professional fields: ”National Security“, ”Economics“ and ”Administration and Management“, as the curricula being updated and fully in line with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science as well as with the requirements of the employers. All majors are extremely attractive and the demand for graduate experts from private companies and state institutions is very high. The knowledge and skills that students acquire at HSSE are key to their future careers and ensure seamless employment and even the start-up of their own businesses.

Research Activity

Higher School of Security and Economics develops fundamental scientifically and practically applied research according to the accredited fields. The studies are aimed at creating new knowledge, developing training and upgrading existing educational products. The result of these intense efforts is expressed in publications in world-famous specialized publications in the US, UK, France, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia and others. Through them, the valuable theoretical issues, questions and dilemmas in different areas of knowledge developed by HSSE lecturers reach tens of millions of consumers worldwide.

International Activity and Partnerships

Higher School of Security and Economics is a desirable and preferred partner and has contracts with more than 30 national and foreign
universities. HSSE has cooperation agreements with a number of reputable international and Bulgarian organizations, with state institutions and leading private companies, and it is a full member of branch structures, and so on.

Social Programme

HSSE implements a social programme that is unparalleled in private higher education in Bulgaria. Its mission is to be an active partner and find the common ground between the responsible institutions, which realize that the inclusion in an academic environment, is a guarantee for a successful start in life. The social programme aims to support the educational
process of disadvantaged young people; those of family members of police officers who died in the exercise of their official duties; war invalids. It includes lone and mothers of many children who have provided the required documents; persons with reduced working capacity as a result of illness or injury; students with excellent success. Up to now, 18 children in disadvantaged and parental care have been trained for free; free of charge were registered 7 children of Ministry of Interior Affairs staff who died in the performance of their official duties, of which 4 have already graduated; 78 scholarships have been awarded for excellent success; 451 students with severe diseases are trained with reduced fees from 20% to 50%.