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Higher School of Security and Economics is one of the most prestigious higher educational institutions in the country, which prepares highly specialized experts in the field of national security. HSSE offers highly popular and attractive bachelor and master programmes in the professional field of ”National Security“. The admission is based on documents and the forms of education are full-time and part-time. The acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills of successfully graduated students ensure fast and seamless realization in the structures and units both in the security system and in the ones of the state power and local self-government engaged in the public order protection.


In the specialty ”National Security“ students acquire knowledge of the nature of national security and the specific features of countering crime, skills and habits for work with migrants and refugees, processing, storage and protection of information in the public and private sectors, building systems for crisis management, risk assessment and resource provision of activities to overcome them, as well as conducting national and international projects in the security sector.

The ”Counter-Terrorism“ specialty provides students with knowledge of the nature and specific features of counter-terrorism and skills and habits to ensure diplomatic, aviation, nuclear and corporate security; negotiation and overcoming hostage crises; applying means and forms of intelligence; prevention and detection of terrorist acts; use of weapons and defense aids; forecasting and analysis of events, and etc.

In the specialty ”Countering Crime and Public Order Protection“ students acquire knowledge and skills for detecting criminal activity and intercepting offenders, working in difficult or extraordinary circumstances, working in crime prevention and public order units and receiving sports and technical training for protection and handling of special means. The specialty ”Forensic Science“ prepares students to counter the conventional, economic and organized crime and to protect the public order, to detect, to investigate and within certain limits to prevent crimes, as well as to carry out procedural actions in pre-trial proceedings.


The professional field ”Economics“ is one of the main units in the structure of HSSE, which offers well-established and up-to-date specialties in the Bachelor‘s and Master‘s degree programmes. The training is accomplished by highly qualified teaching staff, flexibly adapted current curricula and programmes in a new and modern building facility. The acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills of successfully graduated students ensure their fast and seamless realization as application and analytical specialists, operational, functional and linear managers in small, medium and large enterprises; managers of retail chains, banks, investment companies and funds; consultancy companies; business networks; dealers and brokers on commodity and stock exchanges; commercial intermediaries and distributors; private entrepreneurs and others.


The specialty ”Accounting and Control“ is the first officially established economic specialty in the world. Under market economy, the accounting provides the bulk of the economic information needed to make managerial decisions by using a rich set of specific methods and techniques for ongoing and periodic reporting, internal control, economic analysis, financial planning and budgeting of activities and their components operations.

The specialty ”Finance“ aims to provide a solid knowledge base in the training of highly skilled professionals in the field of finance who can respond adequately to rapidly changing, dynamic, unpredictable and financial environments, to be able to take motivated management decisions, prepare strategies for the development of the financial sector, formulate policies to improve the economic and financial environment based on research and analytical work.

The specialty ”Digital Marketing“ is prompted by the significant changes in the business world that have a radical impact on marketing practices, since digital and online marketing tools have gained a considerable advantage in this area. The aim is to train experts who possess theoretical and practical knowledge, necessary to build and market management of business in an Internet environment. The included thematic units provide basic training for experts on: the essence, features and forms of digital marketing, the creation of a digital marketing strategy, the advantages, the weaknesses of network marketing, the principles and the features of internet network marketing, the development of internet marketing strategies, successful businesses, as well as developing ad campaigns on the web.



The offered specialties in ”Administration and Management“ professional field provide in-depth theoretical training and managerial competencies of future managers. The admission is based on documents and the forms of training are full-time and part-time. The acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills ensure quick and trouble-free implementation such as: managers of different levels of business organisations’ management, functional and linear specialists in the management hierarchy of business organizations, management and administration specialists in local and state management structures, and etc.


In the specialty ”Business Administration“ knowledge and skills are acquired for the modern technologies of management and the use of new information and technical means to support the business management activity. Specific knowledge and skills in the field of diagnostics of the organizational and economic state of the companies, the discovery and overcoming of problematic situations and the creation of a favorable socio-psychological climate in the organizations, etc., are acquired during the training process.

The specialty ”Regional Development and Security Management“ aims to prepare experts with knowledge and skills in the field of regional security, natural risk management, social conflicts and information provision of the preventive activities and post conflict recovery. The training provides broad opportunities for professional realization in management structures at national, regional and local level.

The training in ”Business Information Technologies Management“ offers in-depth knowledge of programming languages, computer networks and communications, computer graphics and animation, integrated and interactive, multimedia and mobile, Internet and cloud technologies to address specific business problems including cloud organisation and data center management.

In the specialty ”Software Technology Management“ students acquire knowledge and skills for analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of software systems. During the training, an attempt is being made to define problems, analyze alternatives, and create approaches, methods, techniques, and software tools to build, implement and maintain business systems. New patterns, techniques and technologies are being mastered, as well as finding acceptable compromises in a work environment with limitations – cost, time, knowledge, existing systems and organisations.


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